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International Relations in an Age of Globalization (Undergraduate level)

  • Spring 2016 - Loyola University Chicago

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What are the major challenges that threaten the global peace and prosperity today? What do international actors want from politics? When do they disagree and when do they cooperate? This course serves as an introduction to international relations and key topics in the study of world politics. It examines the interrelationships among nations, groups, and peoples in the contemporary global system. It surveys the evolution of the international system and nation-state system, as well as the major global actors and problems facing the global community.

Social Justice (Pre-College level)

  • Summer 2014 - Loyola University Chicago


This course explores what social justice means, and tries to understand the causes and consequences of social injustice. It discusses what contributes to a just political order. It addresses the role of past and contemporary violent and non-violent movements waged to overcome injustices. It reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the study of social justice and examines the links between social justice and global politics, international social and economic rights, race, ethnicity, religion, and gender.

Teaching Assistant

Nuclear Weapons & Arms Control

  • Spring 2019 - University of Illinois Urbana Champaign


This interdisciplinary course is offered jointly by the UIUC's Physics Department and the Global Studies Program. It is an advanced composition course on the development of nuclear weapons and attempts to control them. The course aims to enable students coming from diverse majors to gain a basic understanding of the nature of nuclear weapons and to improve their writing skills.


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Peace and Conflict Studies

Social Movements and Nonviolent Resistance

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Feminist Approaches to Conflict and Security

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